Clothing Suggestions

Remember your blessings. Your images will tell your story.
Children grow up, parents grow old,
Relive these moments for years to come.

You and your family are the most important part of your portrait. Clothing must not overpower but accentuate.

For this to happen we have listed some recommendations that will aid us in creating a timeless and cherished portrait.

Simple and Elegant- A more formal look

  • Dress Simple and Elegant as if you are dining at a fine restaurant.
  • We highly recommend solid colors. If there is more than one person be mindful that you wear matching tones of clothing. (Monochromatic and tones that will blend look best in a group portrait.)
  • Stripes, plaids, and bold patterns are distracting and will make it hard to focus on what is important, You.
  • Long sleeves are suggested as bare skin distracts as well. Jackets, sweaters, formal gowns, dresses or suits.
  • Be thorough in your outfit selection as we will vary your poses from full length to close up. 
  • Consider extended family portraits.

Casual- A warmer natural look

  • Jeans,​ sweaters, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts.
  • Great for portraits sitting on the ground, shoes and socks are optional!

For a Slimmer Appearance

  • ​Dark Clothing will slenderize and flatter.  Longer sleeves will draw attention to your face.  Do not mix dark and light tops and bottoms.

​Pets are family too!

  • ​We understand that pets are family too and are happy to include them.  Please let us know when you make your reservation.

​Other items to consider

  • Do not try out a new hairstyle.
  • Cosmetics should be natural, not too heavy.
  • Men should shave prior to reservation.
  • Do not worry about blemishes, our artists will remove any breakouts.
  • If you choose to be barefoot, make sure toenails are picture ready!
  • Consider removing the lenses from your glasses to avoid extra retouching to remove glare.

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